Katia Davis & Michele Ziolkowski


Can the strength of one girl determine the future of the past?


Safia experiences other people's emotions through hyper-empathy — which means volunteering on her parents' archaeological excavation on the Abu Dhabi island of Sir Bani Yas may be more of a challenge than an adventure. 


But when a strange voice takes up residence in her head and something sinister keeps sucking the power out of anything with a battery, Safia is determined to uncover exactly what’s affecting the ancient site.


With the discovery of skeletal remains outside the initial excavation area, Safia's consciousness plunges 1,300 years into the past and into the head of a Gujarati trader girl who has her own problems to deal with — like a storm trying to rip her family’s trading vessel apart.


Can Safia use her gift of hyper-empathy and knowledge of the excavation to understand why she’s become entangled with the island's history? More importantly, will she ever make it back to her own head?


Past Remembrance is the first in a new series of archaeological adventures set in the United Arab Emirates with time-slip and paranormal elements. 

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