Explore some of the resources we used to research the first book in Safia's Archaeological Adventures. Use them to develop lesson plans or fun interactive activities and take advantage of free downloadable content.


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Sir Bani Yas - Church and Monastery

This resource is part of the Abu Dhabi Culture website. It briefly describes the church and monastery's archaeology, finds, and historical context. There is also a gallery and an interactive map of the island.


Image source: Abu Dhabi Culture


Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey - ADIAS

While older, this website was the go-to place for information on Abu Dhabi Emirate archaeology and general UAE archaeology up to mid-2006. It is still a highly useful resource containing a huge amount of science-based information within its pages and even interactive maps - yes, they existed in the noughties too!  


The Resource button below takes you to the section of the site dedicated to Sir Bani Yas. If you prefer to check out the site in general, click HERE.


Image source: ADIAS


Amin's English Corner

A blog with posts from people remembering the UAE folk tales they grew up with. Part of an Applied Technology High School, Fujairah website run by an English teacher.


We used this blog to help write a scene in the first book where Safia tells the tale of the Father of the Sea.


Image source: Baba Darya, Pinterest


Archaeological conservation

Learn all about the role of a conservator. Read online or download a pdf copy of Conservation Practices on Archaeological Excavations from the Getty Conservation Institute.


Sir Bani Yas - Church and Monastery 

You can download this excellent booklet produced by Abu Dhabi Culture and Tourism and written by archaeologist Mark Beech. Filled with colour photos, maps, and plans, you will discover the serets behind the excavation and learn how archaeologists studied the site.


Mark Beech - An Archaeological Site of the 7th and 8th Centuries CE – The Church and Monastery of Sir Bani Yas. Abu Dhabi Culture and Tourism, 2019.


Jewel of Muscat 

Although based in Oman, this resource details a project to build a replica trading ship from around the time and area the first book in Safia's Archaeological Adventures is set. The project was inspired by the discovery of the wreck of an Arabian trading vessel in 1998.


The Jewel of Muscat website helped us describe parts of the trading vessel in the novel and various techniques needed to undertake repairs.


Image source: Jewel of Muscat 


Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD)

The EAD is the largest environmental regulator in the Middle East and works towards protecting and enhancing various aspects of environmental concern in Abu Dhabi, such as air quality, biodiversity, and the marine environment. 


We used their website to research the  native plants and wildlife of the Abu Dhabi islands. 


Image source: Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi


Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi Emirate

This online atlas is one of the major projects of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi. It is highly accessible and interactive. We used it in conjunction with the above resource. The website states:


The Atlas presents information within a common story and narrative, interwoven with complementary stories, case studies, facts and statistics, illustrative figures, anecdotes, photographs and thematic maps that highlight the most significant environmental aspects of the Emirate. The Atlas is designed to be highly accessible and communicative, presenting concepts and scientific information in a manner that is understandable to a wide audience.


Image source: Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi Emirate


Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

This website has a wealth of information about the flora and fauna of desert environments as well as a conservation element. It is aimed at helping visitors identify the multitude of desert plant, insect, and animal species.


We used this website to learn more about rimth bushes.


Image source: Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve


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