Safia's Archaeological Adventures is a planned series of seven action/adventure novels with time-slip and paranormal elements for YA teens. It showcases the archaeology of the United Arab Emirates and Southeastern Arabia.


Each book is set in a different Emirate and explores a different time period and various types of archaeological sites including settlement excavations, rock art surveys, Iron Age cultic sites, and prehistoric burials.


Readers will also learn about the practical aspects of archaeology. At the back of each book, we list resources and further reading links tied to the themes and archaeological sites mentioned in the stories. This information is also available in the Archaeology Resources section of the website.


Book 1 - Past Remembrance - set in Abu Dhabi and to be published April 2024.


Book 2 - Title TBA - set in the mountains of Fujairah with ancient  creatures and rock art mysteries. You can check out a teaser here!


Figure with a curved sword from Wadi Al Hayl, Fujairah.

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